Italian born Daniela Galli (in art DHANY) is generally considered to be one of the best white soul voices of the dance scene. In 1995 she joined the Italian record company OFF LIMITS, producing with the studio group KMC the two hot dance singles “SOMEBODY TO TOUCH ME” and “STREET LIFE”. 1997 was the year of her solo debut with the single “DHA DHA TUNE” and the following “QUIERO RESPIRAR”, a big hit in South America, as well as the album by the same name. In 2001 Dhany was back in the KMC team and released the world club hit “I FEEL SO FINE”, reaching N. 1 in the UK club chart. In 2004 she started on her immensely successful collaboration with the BENASSI BROS team and reached the top world club charts with the single “HIT MY HEART”, a mega-hit in the French sales charts, followed by “EVERY SINGLE DAY”. The winner of two gold albums in France with BENASSI BROS for “PUMPHONIA” and “PHOBIA”, she’s toured in over 30 countries in the world. In 2007 her second solo album “E-motions” was released worldwide. Dhany is also very much appreciated as a fine songwriter, composing for international pop and dance artists such as IN-GRID and WHIGFIELD. She has also collected several collaborations with Italian and international producers and artists, including Alex Gaudino, Stefano Pain, Reneè Rodrigezz, Krist Van D, DNF, Max C and many others.

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ANNERLEY GORDON - When I started studying theatre in England at the tender (and slightly silly) age of 12/13 , a very important principale was instilled in me, which was that of the ‘sharing pot’ – that everyone’s contribution was vital to the job in hand and that no pièce of work belonged exclusively to one person. This was also the same principle at the Off Limits studios , under the highly capable guidance of producer Larry Pignagnoli & team. The world of ‘Divas’ can be extremely superficial and even sometimes back stabbing, but with extraordinary artists like Dhany and Sandy I have never experienced that Dhany is simply wonderful…her immense talent, physical beauty and great character make every collaboration a win-win situation…she understands and embraces fully the sharing pot principle…a rare trait in a persone. Even though we haven’t physically met for quite a few years, I Just know that when we do, the first thing we’ll want to do is to work together! I have nothing but admiration for Dhany and other Off Limits colleagues and always consider myself incredibly lucky to have met and worked together with such amazing people! Remember Dhany that there was only ever one person who could pull off Every Single Day & make It such a big hit AND THAT SOMEONE IS YOU!!!

SANDY CHAMBERS - Dhany apart from being a great vocalist is an amazing songwriter. I have had the pleasure of singing many of Dhany's creations and always thought "why didn't I write that??". I love humble people and Dhany is absolutely that... a hardworking professional, fun and extremely humble. And gorgeous! What more can I say?

DAVIDE RIVA - I worked with Dhany for many years at Off Limits / X-Energy Records. I can tell you she is a super professional singer with a unique timbre. One of my first hits, "Somebody To Touch Me", was created together with Dhany!

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